Europhys. Lett.
Volume 47, Number 3, August 1999
Page(s) 292 - 297
Section General
Published online 01 September 2002
DOI: 10.1209/epl/i1999-00387-4

Europhys. Lett, 47 (3), pp. 292-297 (1999)

Vesicular budding induced by a long and flexible polymer

Y. W. Kim and W. Sung

Department of Physics and Institute of Polymer Research Pohang University of Science and Technology - Pohang 790-784, S. Korea

(received 6 October 1998; accepted in final form 4 June 1999)

PACS. 05.40${\rm - a}$ - Fluctuation phenomena, random processes, noise, and Brownian motion.
PACS. 36.20${\rm - r}$ - Macromolecules and polymer molecules.
PACS. 87.16${\rm - b}$ - Subcellular structure and processes.


We investigate the shape transformation of a vesicle incorporated with a long and flexible polymer. We evaluate the grand canonical partition function of the polymer to consider the effects of chain conformational changes on the membrane. It is found that the polymer loops with the ends adsorbed or anchored on the membrane play a major role on vesicular budding transition.


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