Europhys. Lett.
Volume 65, Number 4, February 2004
Page(s) 445 - 451
Section General
Published online 01 February 2004
Europhys. Lett., 65 (4) , pp. 445-451 (2004)
DOI: 10.1209/epl/i2003-10113-4

Reflection from black holes and space-time topology

M. Yu. Kuchiev

School of Physics, University of New South Wales - Sydney 2052, Australia

(Received 8 October 2003; accepted 5 December 2003)

The quantum corrections make the event horizon of a black hole capable of reflection: any particle that approaches the horizon can bounce back in the outside world. The albedo of the horizon depends on the black-hole temperature. The reflection shares physical origins with the phenomenon of Hawking radiation; both effects are explained as consequences of the singular nature that the event horizon exhibits on the quantum level.

04.70.Dy - Quantum aspects of black holes, evaporation, thermodynamics.
04.20.Gz - Spacetime topology, causal structure, spinor structure.

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