Volume 77, Number 3, February 2007
Article Number 37002
Number of page(s) 5
Section Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties
Published online 23 January 2007
EPL, 77 (2007) 37002
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/77/37002

Evidence for the Luttigger liquid density of states in transport across the incompressible stripe at fractional filling factors

E. V. Deviatov1, A. A. Kapustin1, V. T. Dolgopolov1, A. Lorke2, D. Reuter3 and A. D. Wieck3

1  Institute of Solid State Physics RAS - Chernogolovka, Moscow District 142432, Russia
2  Laboratorium für Festkörperphysik, Universität Duisburg-Essen - Lotharstr. 1, D-47048 Duisburg, Germany
3  Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Festkörperphysik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum - Universitätsstrasse 150, D-44780 Bochum, Germany

received 3 November 2006; accepted in final form 29 November 2006; published February 2007
published online 23 January 2007

We experimentally investigate transport across the incompressible stripe at the sample edge in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime at bulk filling factors $\nu =2/3$ and $\nu =2/5$. We obtain the dependence of the equilibration length, that is a phenomenological characteristics of the transport, on the voltage imbalance and the temperature, at high voltage imbalances. These dependencies are found to be of the power law form, which is a strong evidence for the Luttigger liquid density of states.

73.40.Qv - Metal-insulator-semiconductor structures (including semiconductor- to-insulator) .
71.30.+h - Metal-insulator transitions and other electronic transitions.

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