Volume 79, Number 6, September 2007
Article Number 61002
Number of page(s) 3
Section The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
Published online 07 August 2007
EPL, 79 (2007) 61002
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/79/61002

Non-commutative U(1) gauge theory on $\mth{\mathbb{R} ^4_{\Theta}}$ with oscillator term and BRST symmetry

D. N. Blaschke1, H. Grosse2 and M. Schweda1

1  Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology - Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, A-1040 Vienna, Austria
2  Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna - Boltzmanngasse 5, A-1090 Vienna, Austria

received 2 July 2007; accepted in final form 24 July 2007; published September 2007
published online 7 August 2007

Inspired by the renormalizability of the non-commutative $\Phi ^{4}$ model with added oscillator term, we formulate a non-commutative gauge theory, where the oscillator enters as a gauge fixing term in a BRST invariant manner. All propagators turn out to be essentially given by the Mehler kernel and the bilinear part of the action is invariant under the Langmann-Szabo duality. The model is a promising candidate for a renormalizable non-commutative U(1) gauge theory.

11.10.Nx - Noncommutative field theory.
11.15.-q - Gauge field theories.
11.10.Gh - Renormalization.

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