Volume 82, Number 6, June 2008
Article Number 67001
Number of page(s) 6
Section Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties
Published online 29 May 2008
EPL, 82 (2008) 67001
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/82/67001

Magnetoexcitonic optical absorption in semiconductors under strong magnetic fields and intense terahertz radiation in the Voigt configuration

Tong-Yi Zhang and Wei Zhao

State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences - 17 Xinxi Road, Xi'an, 710119, PRC

received 11 January 2008; accepted in final form 21 April 2008; published June 2008
published online 29 May 2008

The magnetoexcitonic optical absorption of a GaAs bulk semiconductor driven by a terahertz (THz) field is investigated numerically. The method of the solution of the initial-value problem, in combination with the perfect matched layer technique, is used to calculate the optical susceptibility, with Coulomb interaction, Landau quantization, and THz fields involved nonperturbatively. It shows that there appear replicas and sidebands of magnetoexciton of different Landau levels, which greatly enrich the magneto-optical spectrum in the presence of a driving THz field.

71.35.Ji - Excitons in magnetic fields; magnetoexcitons.
71.35.Cc - Intrinsic properties of excitons; optical absorption spectra.
78.20.Ls - Magnetooptical effects.

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