Volume 83, Number 1, July 2008
Article Number 17008
Number of page(s) 6
Section Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties
Published online 16 June 2008
EPL, 83 (2008) 17008
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/83/17008

Vortex configurations in mesoscopic superconducting triangles: Finite-size and shape effects

H. J. Zhao1, V. R. Misko1, F. M. Peeters1, S. Dubonos2, V. Oboznov2 and I. V. Grigorieva3

1  Department of Physics, University of Antwerpen - Groenenborgerlaan 171, B-2020 Antwerpen, Belgium, EU
2  Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences - Chernogolovka 142432, Russia
3  School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester - Manchester M13 9PL, UK, EU

received 4 April 2008; accepted in final form 12 May 2008; published July 2008
published online 16 June 2008

Triangular-shaped mesoscopic superconductors are consistent with the symmetry of the Abrikosov vortex lattice resulting in a high stability of vortex patterns for commensurate vorticities. However, for non-commensurate vorticities, vortex configurations in triangles are not compatible with the sample shape. Here we present the first direct observation of vortex configurations in $\mu$m-sized niobium triangles using the Bitter decoration technique, and we analyze the vortex states in triangles by analytically solving the London equations and performing molecular-dynamics simulations. We found that filling rules with increasing vorticity can be formulated for triangles in a similar way as for mesoscopic disks where vortices form shells.

74.78.Na - Mesoscopic and nanoscale systems.
74.20.De - Phenomenological theories (two-fluid, Ginzburg-Landau, etc.).
74.25.Qt - Vortex lattices, flux pinning, flux creep.

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