Volume 83, Number 2, July 2008
Article Number 21002
Number of page(s) 3
Section The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
Published online 03 July 2008
EPL, 83 (2008) 21002
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/83/21002

$\chem{\kappa}$-Minkowski and Snyder algebra from reparametrisation symmetry

Chandrasekhar Chatterjee and Sunandan Gangopadhyay

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, JD Block, Sector III - Salt Lake, Kolkata-700098, India

received 12 March 2008; accepted in final form 3 June 2008; published July 2008
published online 3 July 2008

Following our earlier work (J. Phys. A, 38 (2005) 957; J. Math. Phys., 48 (2007) 052302), we derive noncommuting phase-space structures which are combinations of both the $\kappa $-Minkowski and the Snyder algebra by exploiting the reparametrisation symmetry of the recently proposed Lagrangian for a point particle (GHOSH S., Phys. Rev. D, 74 (2006) 084019) satisfying the exact Doubly Special Relativity dispersion relation in the Magueijo-Smolin framework.

11.25.-w - Strings and branes.

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