Volume 84, Number 3, November 2008
Article Number 30004
Number of page(s) 6
Section General
Published online 17 October 2008
EPL, 84 (2008) 30004
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/84/30004

The Peierls distorted chain as a quantum data bus for quantum state transfer

M. X. Huo1, Ying Li1, Z. Song1 and C. P. Sun1, 2

1   Department of Physics, Nankai University - Tianjin 300071, China
2   Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Beijing 100080, China

received 3 May 2008; accepted in final form 22 September 2008; published November 2008
published online 17 October 2008

We study the quantum state transfer (QST) of an electron spin along the half-filled Peierls distorted chain (PDC). As has been proved, this solvable and feasible gapped model can accomplish a high-fidelity and long-distance QST. Moreover, numerical simulations are performed in and near the non-distortion point which is beyond the range of perturbation. The result shows that the efficiency of the QST is sensitive to the uniform-to-distorted transition of the PDC, which is related to the transition between the conductor and the insulator. Then this scheme can also be employed to probe the conductor-to-insulator transition of the PDC.

03.65.Ud - Entanglement and quantum nonlocality (e.g. EPR paradox, Bell's inequalities, GHZ states, etc.).
75.10.Jm - Quantized spin models.
03.67.Lx - Quantum computation architectures and implementations.

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