Volume 86, Number 1, April 2009
Article Number 18003
Number of page(s) 6
Section Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology
Published online 21 April 2009
EPL, 86 (2009) 18003
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/86/18003

Disassortative mixing in online social networks

Hai-Bo Hu and Xiao-Fan Wang

Complex Networks and Control Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Shanghai 200240, China

received 5 November 2008; accepted in final form 9 March 2009; published April 2009
published online 21 April 2009

The conventional wisdom is that social networks exhibit an assortative mixing pattern, whereas biological and technological networks show a disassortative mixing pattern. However, the recent research on the online social networks modifies the widespread belief, and many online social networks show a disassortative or neutral mixing feature. Especially, we found that an online social network, Wealink, underwent a transition from degree assortativity characteristic of real social networks to degree disassortativity characteristic of many online social networks, and the transition can be reasonably elucidated by a simple network model that we propose. The relations among network assortativity, clustering, and modularity are also discussed in the paper.

89.65.-s - Social and economic systems.
87.23.Ge - Dynamics of social systems.
89.75.Hc - Networks and genealogical trees.

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