Volume 88, Number 2, October 2009
Article Number 28002
Number of page(s) 5
Section Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology
Published online 22 October 2009
EPL, 88 (2009) 28002
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/88/28002

Thermal transport of isotopic-superlattice graphene nanoribbons with zigzag edge

T. Ouyang, Y. P. Chen, K. K. Yang and J. X. Zhong

Laboratory for Quantum Engineering and Micro-Nano Energy Technology and Department of Physics, Xiangtan University - Xiangtan 411105, Hunan, China

received 23 September 2009; accepted in final form 6 October 2009; published October 2009
published online 22 October 2009

Thermal transport properties of isotopic-superlattice graphene nanoribbons with zigzag edge (IS-ZGNRs) are investigated. We find that by isotopic superlattice modulation the thermal conductivity of a graphene nanoribbon can be reduced significantly. The thermal transport property of the IS-ZGNRs strongly depends on the superlattice period length and the isotopic mass. As the superlattice period length decreases, the thermal conductivity undergoes a transition from decreasing to increasing. This unique phenomenon is explained by analyzing the phonon transmission coefficient. While the effect of isotopic mass on the conductivity is monotone. Larger mass difference induces smaller thermal conductivity. In addition, the influence of the geometry size is also discussed. The results indicate that isotopic superlattice modulation offers an available way for improving the thermoelectric performance of graphene nanoribbons.

81.05.Uw - Carbon, diamond, graphite.
68.65.-k - Low-dimensional, mesoscopic, and nanoscale systems: structure and nonelectronic properties.
44.10.+i - Heat conduction.

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