Europhys. Lett.
Volume 47, Number 5, September 1999
Page(s) 595 - 600
Section Condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic and optical properties
Published online 01 September 2002
DOI: 10.1209/epl/i1999-00430-0

Europhys. Lett, 47 (5), pp. 595-600 (1999)

Direct-current generation due to wave mixing in semiconductors

K. N. Alekseev 1, M. V. Erementchouk 1 and F. V. Kusmartsev 2

1 Kirensky Institute of Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Krasnoyarsk 660036, Russia
2 School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Loughborough University, Loughborough LE11 3TU, UK

(received 14 April 1999; accepted in final form 2 July 1999)

PACS. 72.20Ht - High-field and nonlinear effects.
PACS. 73.61${\rm -r}$ - Electrical properties of specific thin films and layer structures (multilayers, superlattices, quantum wells, wires, and dots).
PACS. 42.65Hw - Phase conjugation, optical mixing, and photorefractive effect.


We describe an effect of the generation of direct current which may arise in semiconductors or semiconductor microstructures due to a mixing of coherent electromagnetic radiations of commensurate frequencies. The effect is, in essence, due to a nonparabolicity of the electron energy bands and is stronger in systems where this nonparabolicity is greater. We have made exact calculations in the framework of the Kane model, applicable to narrow-gap semiconductors and the tight-binding model which we employ for a description of a semiconductor superlattice.


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