Volume 86, Number 6, June 2009
Article Number 60004
Number of page(s) 5
Section General
Published online 09 July 2009
EPL, 86 (2009) 60004
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/86/60004

Large-scale quantum computation in an anharmonic linear ion trap

G.-D. Lin1, S.-L. Zhu1, 2, R. Islam3, K. Kim3, M.-S. Chang3, S. Korenblit3, C. Monroe3 and L.-M. Duan1

1   FOCUS Center and MCTP, Department of Physics, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
2   LQIT and ICMP, Department of Physics, South China Normal University - Guangzhou, China
3   Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland and National Institute of Standards and Technology College Park, MD 20742, USA

received 27 February 2009; accepted in final form 3 June 2009; published June 2009
published online 9 July 2009

We propose a large-scale quantum computer architecture by more easily stabilizing a single large linear ion chain in a very simple trap geometry. By confining ions in an anharmonic linear trap with nearly uniform spacing between ions, we show that high-fidelity quantum gates can be realized in large linear ion crystals under the Doppler temperature based on coupling to a near-continuum of transverse motional modes with simple shaped laser pulses.

03.67.Lx - Quantum computation architectures and implementations.
32.80.Qk - Coherent control of atomic interactions with photons.
03.67.Pp - Quantum error correction and other methods for protection against decoherence.

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